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COSWIN 7i is the new generation asset and facilities management software developed by SIVECO GROUP..
COSWIN 7i helps companies to increase their profitability - by improving the management of corporate assets, improving employee productivity and reducing costs.
COSWIN 7i provides a central register of corporate facilities and assets: managing and optimising all the maintenance activities and recording a full history of work completed - including spares, tools, resources and costs. For a full picture COSWIN 7i integrates the management of, and purchasing of spare parts and services.
COSWIN 7i is based entirely on Internet/Intranet technology. This move away from traditional PC based software has made implementing such a system much simpler and more effective than ever before.
A system based on Internet technology allows everyone involved with using or supporting your assets (staff, suppliers, subcontractors and customers) to access all the needed information securely, via their web browser - eliminating communication problems and reducing response times. The resulting improvement in productivity and service levels has an immediate and very positive impact on asset availability.

SIVECO GROUP has solutions for most Industrial and Facility Management sectors including: automotive, food, pharmaceutical, plastics, paper, energy, transportation and utilities...
COSWIN 7i is designed to meet the needs of different sized organisations and has solutions for most Industrial and Facility Management sectors including : Aerospace, automotive, building, materials, chemical, defence, electronics, environmental, consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, healthcare, facilities, mining & minerals, oil & gas, packaging, pharmaceuticals, plastics, pulp & paper, retail & department stores, shipbuilding, transportation & logistics.

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