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SCADA Supervision

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Supervision tools or SCADA are aimed at all industries needing to pilot or see their equipment. Situated at Level II of CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing, the main aim of these “real-time” tools is the graphics representation and the management of the advanced functions of the process. Supervision systems enable a global view of the equipment in order to see their physical/functional state. Situated in the command room or at the foot of the machine itself, Supervision systems offer the possibility of transmitting and of centralising the vision and piloting of physical equipment (sensors, motors, valves...) which are otherwise very far. The implemented interface contracts are required to communicate with command control systems (API, SNCC, special machines) and are endorsed by industrial communication protocols. Being the primary technological or I.T. means of treating the process information, Supervision systems are dedicated to the operators.

Bearing advanced and generic functions, Supervision systems offer an elementary level of organisation and calculated data (eg to scale, deadband management...).

The main objectives of Supervision systems are:
-  Data concentration, to make the piloting of the process remote-controlled or centralised.
-  To offer a real time vision of the situation, enabling the operators to react and make decisions quickly.
-  To offer primary analysis tools necessary to control the equipment concerned(historical data, curves, pareto, alarms, login).

Supervision systems are technology concentrates, reuniting know-how in order to meet the needs of industries, in a unique environment. The following non-exhaustive list gives an overview of the main advantages of a Supervision system:
-  Graphics tools provide all that is necessary to represent the processes concerned
-  Graphics animation “engines” create a choice of graphics objects
-  Real-time data base management enables the definition of internal typed variables, or in liaison with the command control system, by allocating features.
-  Internal processing initiated by multiple triggers (temporal, change of state, combinatorics equation, opening of a window...) enable the application of first levels of I.T. processing, be them more or less developed.
-  Security management for the control of application access is generally offered.
-  Certain supervisors integrate the possibility of interfacing with a relational data base.

There are numerous supervision solutions available on the market and are well represented by great constructors. Editors make packages available, sometimes adding a “trade” specialisation.

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